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      He rose and lifted her in his arms. How light she was! It was as if he carried one of the flowers upon his bosom.

      "Yes, you have! I was just going into fits! Now step in and fetch me out here--" He shaped his arms fantastically and twiddled his fingers.

      It is youit is you, Esmeralda! was all he could say for a moment or two. I can scarcely believe my eyes. How did you come here? But there is no time for questions; I must go back!When I say that she has come to Three Star with a man with whom she fled from me, I speak the truth, and you know it. I have seen them together.

      The steamer turned westward into Grant's Pass. To southward lay Morgan and Gaines, floating the ensign of a saved union. Close here on the right lay the ruins of Fort Powell. From the lower deck the boys, pressing to the starboard guards to see, singly or in pairs smiled up to Hilary's smile. Among them was Sam Gibbs, secretly bearing home the battery's colors wrapped round him next his scarred and cross-scarred body. And so, farewell Mobile. Hour by hour through the beautiful blue day, island after island, darkling green or glistering white, rose into view, drifted by between the steamer and the blue Gulf and sunk into the deep; Petit Bois, Horn Island, Ship Island, Cat Island. Now past Round Island, up Lake Borgne and through the Rigolets they swept into Pontchartrain, and near the day's close saw the tide-low, sombre but blessed shore beyond which a scant half-hour's railway ride lay the city they called home.

      Byssa took him by the hand, led him to the stable, and put her finger on the red streak upon the horses side."Against what?"

      Bring her along, said Simon, with an impatient oath.

      Women, the first one who shows herself here Ill give up to my bondmen.Norman stared at her breathlessly, then laughed ruefully.


      I am quite well, he said, with barely concealed impatience; and he proceeded to ask after Lady Grange and Lady Wyndover, and mutual friends. His manner, just pleasantly friendly, stung her. It would have been more endurable if he had been harsh or angry. Never treat a woman you have once loved with indifference; she will bear anything but that.[210] I knew when my husband ceased to swear at me that he had ceased to love me! says the heroine of one of the modern emotional comedies; and she speaks truly.[190]


      "If these are not enough--" She halted with lips apart. Flora had made sign toward the front door, and now with a moan of fond protest covered the gem-laden hand in both her palms and pushed it from her.